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You Don’t Have to be a Dancer to Dance

I am not a Dancer!Dance


I don’t have rhythm!


Hello, I am critically Caucasian!

These are just a couple of reasons I hear when I invite people to attend and AromaDance or Mindful Movement Class.

I get it and I was guilty of it as well. I was introduced to AromaDance in September of 2014 by a friend. I was skeptical, was an athlete not a dancer. Over the years my tune has changed.

The more I dance the more in tune I am with myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are sometimes I have to put on music loud with strong heavy beats and dance out deep heavy emotions. Other times it is The Greatest Showman Soundtrack or other musicals. I have come to appreciate what my body can do as I pretend to be a ballerina to beautiful instrumental music. As I connect with my body through movement and the music it can even be a spiritual experience.

Our bodies are meant to move

“In less than two generations, physical activity has dropped by 20% in the U.K. and 32% in the U.S. In China, the drop is 45% in less than one generation. Vehicles, machines and technology now do our moving for us. What we do in our leisure time doesn’t come close to making up for what we’ve lost” –

Studies have shown that movement affects every aspect of our physical and emotional health. It helps regulate on hormones and metabolism, supports circulation & respiration,  aids in digestion, immunity and detoxification of the body. Movement that you enjoy improves your mood.

“Dance is more than the exploring of different ways to make a shape or learning a series of steps to music; it is a way of moving that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication. –

The benefits of dancing are innumerable. Here are a few of the reasons I think EVERYONE should dance.

  1. It allows self expression. There is no right or wrong way to do it.
  2. Provides a physical and emotional release.
  3. Improves Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance
  4. Improves your connection to your body which improves self-confidence and self-esteem.
  5. Improves mental functioning
  6. Improves balance and spatial awareness
  7. It’s fun!!!!

Don’t over think it

You don’t have to go to a club, just turn on your favorite song and start moving your body. You know your own physical limitations. You can dance sitting down, just move your hands and feet to the music. The more you do it the stronger your body will get.

You don’t have to have rhythm, you are not being judged. This is just about taking care of yourself. But you can be brave and invite your friends, your spouse, children, and/or grandchildren to join you.


About a year ago my husband and I attended Royalty and Romance from 3 Key Elements where we learned about swaying. This has aligned our marriage better than anything else we do. We end each day with swaying with each other.

You Don’t Have to be a Dancer to Dance

Just put on some music and move!

doTERRA Cedarwood
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There’s nothing quite like Cedarwood to help you unwind at the end of the day. Did you know that Cedarwood essential oil was considered by the Sumerians to stem from the Tree of Life?

Cedarwood encourages tranquility, peace, and stillness. Plus, it keeps the pests away.

Did you know that many people use Cedar oil for skin due to its purifying abilities?

Cedarwood oil includes the main sesquiterpene constituents cedrene, and thujopsene, which help improve the appearance of skin. It helps your inside as well as your outside, promoting healthy-looking skin.

You can easily incorporate Cedarwood oil into your daily facial routine by simply adding one to two drops of Cedarwood oil to your facial toner or moisturizer for added clarifying properties. The cleansing properties of Cedarwood oil can also help improve the appearance of skin imperfections. Cedarwood also has properties that help soothe the mind and body. The warm, woody scent can create a calm, relaxing environment when used aromatically or topically. Diffusing Cedarwood oil in your home, office, or workspace can help promote feelings of confidence, self-esteem, and evoke feelings of wellness.


  • Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.
  • Add a drop on a cotton ball and place in your closet to keep moths at bay.
  • Before exercising, massage one to two drops into your chest to maintain vitality throughout your workout.
  • Add one to two drops to your facial toner or moisturizer to promote healthy-looking skin.


Essential Oils, Health

A Healer in Every Home

When I was first introduced to Essential Oils I laughed and said, “I am not a Hippy. I don’t believe in that kind of stuff.” It was not until I was recovering from a knee surgery that I final agreed to try Deep Blue because the stuff from my doctor was not relieving the symptoms I was experiencing. I was amazing at how quickly I got relief. I started using more and more of the doTerra products and learning the science behind them.

I had been using them in my home for a few years when Ronai Brumett shared her experience with me and asked way I was not a doTerra Wellness Advocate and getting my oils at better then wholesale. That is what brought me to this point.

I wanted to help other discover what I had, which is that with a book and a box of doTerra Essential Oils I could support my families physical and emotional well-being.

Holistic Health Practitioner, Laura Jacobs’ motto is “A Healer in Every Home”. Her motto has resonated with me for years, but I have not known how to share that message. So, I became a Certified Essential Oil Coach, I thought it would become easier for me to support others in understanding how to use Essential Oils to support their well-being.

My goals is share doTerra and the benefits of Essential Oils with as many people as possible through sampling, wellness consultations, and classes. I want to empower families like Ronai did for me. I want there to be a Healer in every home!

I have an amazing team of doTerra Wellness Advocates that also love to teach and support others. We are excited to help others as Ronai says, use doTerra daily. Check out her DO YOU DOTERRA DAILY? posts.

doTerra has an amazing Empowered Life Series to support continuing education. One of my favorites is Empowered Life Series: Mood and Emotional Health, because I truly believe that our emotional health effects our physical health.

Become a Healer in Your Home

Request doTerra Essential Oils sample by sending me an email with the subject line: doTerra Daily Request to

Check out a class in person or online.

Host a class in the Salt Lake County area and earn free products. Email me with the subject line: Host doTerra Class to



doTerra Adaptiv System
Essential Oils

Adaptiv System

I was so excited to learn about all the new products at convention this year. The Adaptiv System has become one of my favorite. It is a toolbox to help the body and mind stay balanced during life’s stressful moments.

*Trigger Warning: Video discusses Mental Wellbeing. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. My intentions is to educate. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a Doctor, I am a Certified Essential Oil Coach and doTerra Wellness Advocate.

The doTERRA® Adaptiv System is an effective answer to reducing tension and helping to empower and encourage when adapting to difficult situations or acclimating to new surroundings. Adaptiv capsules combine clinically studied botanicals with a blend of essential oils to help manage the effects of stress and anxious feelings*. As the perfect complement to the Adaptiv capsules, the essential oil Calming Blend is the answer during life’s most demanding moments. Diffuse or roll on to promote feelings of calm confidence. Use the Adaptiv Capsules and its companion essential oil blend to help create a sense of balance and adapt to every situation.

Here is some of the science behind it: 
doTerra Adaptiv System
Essential Oils

Cinnamon Bark

I love Cinnamon Bark! The smell reminds of Baking with my Mom & Grandma, so I love to cook with it. Checkout doTerra’s Mini Cinnamon Rolls a try.

I also like adding to my drinks. I add a drop to my water when I am working out. 1-2 drops in my Choffy or in my Wild Orange Tea.

Cinnamon Cocoa

Cinnamon is derived from a tropical, evergreen tree that grows up to 45 feet high and has highly fragrant bark, leaves, and flowers. Extracted from bark, Cinnamon oil Cinnamon oil supports healthy metabolic function and helps maintain a healthy immune system when needed most.*

Due to its high content of cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamon should be diluted with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil when applied to the skin and only one to two drops are needed for internal benefits.* Cinnamon supports healthy metabolic function and helps maintain a healthy immune system, especially when seasonal threats are high.* Cinnamon is frequently used in mouth rinses and gums.* Cinnamon has a long history of culinary uses, adding spice to desserts, entrees, and hot drinks.

Primary Benefits

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