About Beyond Possibilities

Beyond Possibilities came about from my desire to support others on their journey of self discovery, healing, and holistic wellness. I love learning and sharing what I have learned with others. My family is the center of my world. I love spending time with them and supporting them in their adventures. As a family we enjoy sports, fitness, nature, cooking, baking, smoking, barbecuing, and candy making.  We also enjoy playing games, good movies, and good books together. I learned about energy work through my personal counseling, mentoring, coaching sessions and I use those techniques to support my healing from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I also use them to support the feelings for sadness, despair, and fear. In 2011 my sister introduced me to Essential Oils to support my knees after surgery. From there I started learning more about the benefits of using them to support my emotional well being as well as my physical well being. In October of 2012 I became a doTerra Wellness Advocate. In 2014 I became Certified as an AromaDance Instructor and Certified in AromaTouch Technique. In January of 2018 I became Certified Essential Oil Coach. In May of 2020 I completed my doTerra Oil Specialist Certification and my Emotion Code Practitioner Certification. In July of 2021 I completed my Body Code Certification. In November of 2021 I completed my Ho’oponopono Certification.

Through my many years with Azevedo Studios/Two Little Hands Productions, I found that I love researching and writing and I have taken that experience to write my own blogs and for other companies. I am continuously learning more about being an Entrepreneur, Relationships, Personal Development, Essential Oils, Fitness, Nutrition, and Energy Healing to support my active lifestyle. I enjoy developing several classes and modalities to help myself and other support their Mind, Body, and Soul.

Our mission is to uplift, inspire, empower and educate all people to step into their own physical, mental and financial health.


I am passionate about supporting and empowering individuals and families living healthy well balanced lives! I have two additional websites Beyond Abuse Essential Healing and Beyond Food Is Art.