Life is journey full of possibilities. The only limits we have are those we place on ourselves through our beliefs. Our beliefs are often shaped through the circumstances of our childhood and our life experiences. As we learn we can change those beliefs and change our circumstances.

It is incomplete development of the human mind that has produced the conception of a normal person as one who makes mistake, has problems, falls sick, and is ate the mercy of circumstances. When the total potential of Natural Law is awakened in human awareness, life can be lived in fulfillment, free from mistakes, problems, and illness. Higher states of consciousness and a state of wholeness are characterized by complete alertness and spontaneous use of one’s full potential: command over one’s destiny, with the organizing power to accomplish any worthy goal without strain: a spontaneously nourishing, life-supporting effect on everyone and everything: and the quality of bliss and wholeness pervading one’s existence. ~Maharishi University, 1996

I am a teacher of the practices I have learned throughout my life. I have experienced the power of using essential oils with energy modalities to support Mind, Body and Soul. Join me in a journey of self discovery and exploration beyond what is possible!


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