Life is journey full of possibilities. The only limits we have are those we place on ourselves through our beliefs. Our beliefs are often shaped through the circumstances of our childhood and our life experiences. As we learn we can change those beliefs and change our circumstances.

Recalculating: This was not the destination I had planned.

Oh The Places We’ve Been, Now on to What is Possible

You Don’t Have to be a Dancer to Dance

A Healer in Every Home 

I AM – The Wizard of OZ

Kindness & Beyond 

Violence Against Women – Break the Chain *TRIGGER WARNING*

Essential Oil Use Throughout History

Changing the Collective Consciousness

Lessons From Nature

When Did You Stop?

Music, Movement, and Mood – Just Dance

Learning to LOVE My Body and Myself

Thoughts Create Reality

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Beyond Possibilities

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It is incomplete development of the human mind that has produced the conception of a normal person as one who makes mistake, has problems, falls sick, and is ate the mercy of circumstances. When the total potential of Natural Law is awakened in human awareness, life can be lived in fulfillment, free from mistakes, problems, and illness. Higher states of consciousness and a state of wholeness are characterized by complete alertness and spontaneous use of one’s full potential: command over one’s destiny, with the organizing power to accomplish any worthy goal without strain: a spontaneously nourishing, life-supporting effect on everyone and everything: and the quality of bliss and wholeness pervading one’s existence. ~Maharishi University, 1996

I think of AromaDance as releasing stress and negative energy and starting fresh.


My experience with Aromadance was quite interesting. In the beginning I was nervous and a bit skeptical. I held back on my willingness to express myself because of what others others might think. You know, the whole not wanting to be judged by others complex many of us have. I went through the steps and the process trying to keep an open mind but still finding I was resisting something. Once I was able to get intune with my innerself and push negative thoughts and emotions out of the way, I really enjoyed the process. I was able to express myself through dance. I feel that the atmosphere of the room and the openness of the instructor and other participants helped me to be able to find expression and joy in doing Aromadance.