Michele from Idaho

Testimonial for LeAnn Mason September 2020

LeeAnn’s skills as an oil coach provide you with an high level empath who takes the time to get to know you and what your intentions and desires are.  She clearly discusses these with you.  She often asks follow up questions to be sure that you know what you want.  At this point she may or may not make suggestions to you that you have not seriously considered.  For me this eventually led me to a path of discovery that I had not seriously accounted for before our session or sessions.  She will help you by using her powerful intuition to suggest where you could begin in various portions of the journeys you can choose to travel.  Now I consider her advice as tools in the toolkit I use to cope with and sometimes conquer the experiences in my life.  As her client you can have a clearer view of your life’s events and how you can choose to face them.  The work will yours to do.  LeeAnn can be there to help.  Working with her can improve the quality of your life as it has mine.