Bath Salt Starter Ornaments

This is a gift of relaxation with a personal touch

12-20 drops of Essential Oils (see suggestions below)
4 T Baking Soda
4 T Citric Acid
4 Cups Epsom Salt

In a glass bowl stir essential oils into baking soda. Add citric acid and stir. Add Epsom salt and stir. Fill the ornaments with the mixture. 

Bath Salt Start Mix

Bath Salt Starter Ornaments

Add a tag that states, “Pour one ornament plus 2 cups of Epsom Salt into the bath. Fill with water and relax.” or “Pour Bath Starter plus 2 cups of Epsom Salt into the bath. Fill with hot water and relax.”



  • 10 drops Peppermint, 10 drops Wild Orange
  • 12 drops Adpativ, 4 drops Litsea
  • 10 drops Spearmint, 10 drops Tangerine


  • 10 drops Serenity, 5 drops Balance
  • 10 drops Lavender, 5 drops Cedar Wood, 5 drops, Balance


  • 10 drops Aromatouch, 2 drops Deep Blue
  • 5 drops Deep Blue, 10 drops Frankincense


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